PRODUCTS: Solder Pots, Screw Feeder, Torque Meter
Soldering Pot 21
Pot internal dimension: Dia 50 X 35mm
Solder Capcity: 500g

Soldering Pot 31
Pot internal dimension: Dia 80 X 42mm
Solder Capcity: 1600g

Soldering Pot 41
Pot internal dimension: Dia 100 X 42mm
Solder Capcity: 2300g

Automatic Screw Feeder 800
Orbit (removed) adjustable, a machine can apply for various specification of screws.
• Screw rotating feeding with precision can be keep the screw from falling into the machine
• Pick-up point with no vibration to ensure the screw pick-up easy and stable.Specification:
Power : AC 220V, DC 12V 500ma, AC Adaptor
Srew length : <20mm
Screwe Orbit : 1.0mm-5.0mm
Thread Shape : M Screw
Pick-up speed : 1.5 sec/pcs

Dispensing Bottle

Vacuum Pen

Digital Torque Meter HP-100
• LED Display showing accurate torque reading.
• Convertable UOM:, and N.m
• Maintanance and display of maximum torque value.
• Precision setting of torque for the tools.
• Bi-directional operation for measurement of tightening and loosening torque.
• Standard analog signal output, statistical programme control system.
• Tracking and display peak value of toruqe.
• Simple and roboust mechanism. Integral torque testing part and pull force guage.
• Small size,light weight,rechargable design, easy to carry

Moisture Proof Cabinet SLD-128A
• Micro Computer automatic control system, High intellgence.
• Accurate and quick digital humidity sensor with temperature display.
• Conductive chain wheel, anti-static painting on the surface, connects to the grounding system.
• Numerator bolt pumps under normal temperature,high efficient.
• Not affected by ambient temperature no smell, no pollution and purified inside air.

Automatic Tape Dispenser M-1000
Adjustable length, digital display.
• Shift modes: automatic and manual.
• Length setting memory function.
• Applicable for the tape of width 75mm/32mm/25mm