PRODUCTS: Forming Tools
Axial Lead Cutter Bender Model IS 41
• Simple clamp fits to table top.
• Cutting & bending parts of hardened tool steel.
• Easily adjustable toolings.
• High quality cutting blades for a clean and smooth cut.
• Forms 24 components per revolution.
• Standard toolings perform cutting and bending operations.
• Optional toolings can be used for cutting only or cut and 900
bend to produce vertical mounting.

Redial Lead Cutter Semiautomatic MODEL Is 47
• Simple clamp fits to table top.
• Cutting parts of hardened tool steel.
• High quality cutting blade for a clean & smooth cut.
• Easy tool setup.
• Cuts 11 components per revolution.

Wire Stripper And Twister
Single tungsten carbide blade, rotary centrifugal, 230 V AC power operated wire stripper & twister will strip insulation (Teflon/PVC) over wires from solid and stranded wires. In case of stranded wires twisting will be done automatically while the slug is removed.

IC Lead Straightener
• Low cost, table top tool for DIP, IC lead straightening.
• Straightened leads speed up insertion rates.
• Provision for grounding.
• Maintenance free operation.

PCB Assembly JIG
• Portable, table top.
• Ideal for manual soldering.
• Rugged metal construction.
• Available in five size.

• Table top machine.
• Cuts and forms axial & radial leads of loose components such
as resistors, diodes, transistors & capacitors.
• Adjustable toolings, easy and rapid tool setting.
• Hardened steel toolings.
• Ideal for low to medium volume production.

Cost-effective robot to support cell
production Movement range (X axis - Y axis – Z axis)
250 x 210 x 70 mm
Positioning repeat accuracy : + 0.05 mm
Y axis load capacity : 5 kg
IEI original programming : Easy
Editing software: Ez EDITOR
Z axis load capacity : 2 kg

EZ ROBO-5 with more improved functions
Movement range : 250 x 200 x 70 mm
EZ ROBO-5 ST3030
Movement range: 300 x 300 x 70 mm
Positioning repeat accuracy: + 0.01 mm
Z axis load capacity :3 kg