PRODUCTS: Dispencing Systems
Smart Shot MS-1 / MD-1D
High precision ECO dispenser debut!

• Power consumption 1/2 --- Cut power consumption by 50%
• Accuracy improvement ---  Dispense precision is improved,
                                        130% compared to existing is
• Multifunctional machine --- Equipped with set up function                                          for dispense condition.
• Ultla-Light weight and compact design.
• CE-marked products (EMC. LVD) are available

Model MS-1 MS-1D
Control system Micro-computer controller
Dispensing pressure
0.02 to 0.70MPa
Display section Analog
Digital display
(Display resolution:
0.01 MPa)
Dispensing time setting 10ms to 9999sec.
Dispensing time display LED digital display (4 digits)
Control circuit Microcomputer controlled digit
Vaccum pressure 0 to 20kPa
Input/Output signal Input: Non-contact and contact
Output: Non-contact
Operating environment * Temperature: 15-35 ˚C, Humidity:
25-75%, at elevations below
Protection class * IP-40
Supplied air pressure Max.0.8 Mpa (Dispensing
pressure +0.1Mpa or more)
Power supply Power
AC100V to 240V 50/60Hz
• 12W (through AC adapter)
External dimensions W142xD138xH103mm
(excluding protrusion)
Weight 790g

* Applicable only to CE-marked models

Syringe system (SPD system)
Standard system for small volume dispensing

This is the most common dispenser system. It can be used for various dispensing operations from manual operation to installation in an automated machine. By combining the use of
disposable type syringes and needles, maintenance is much easier. There are nine syringe sizes, from 1 ml to 100ml.

Shotmaster DS series
Strong arm and high speed “application” master robot

1. High speed and drawing Precision’s improvement ----
• High-speed tracking, and precise application shape drawing.
• High definition rendering without distortion of The corner
  shape or residual liquid at the start or end point.

2. High rigidity and no loss of synchronism ----
• high rigidity design that easily supports mounting of an  
  image recognition unit or multiple heads.
• Achieving no loss of synchronism with closed loop control.

3. Unrivaled ease of operation ----
• User friendly programs and easy to understand command
• Create and manage programs easily with the dispense
  pattern edit software MuCADIII.

Shot Mini. 200

Debut of mighty robot for cell production!

• High-definition without unsteadiness.
• Achievement of dispersing with speediness, precision,
  and fineness.
• No positioning deviation due to step out-free specification
• Class’s highest transportable weight. (20 kg at work side,
  15 kg at tool side)
• Hiehet grade of interpolation function in the class.
• Group of commands with further user-friendliness.

Shot Mini.100s

Best suited for cell production

• Repeatability: 0.01mm.
• Maximum feed speed: 800mm/sec. (X- And Y-axis)
• Travel range of 1008100mm.
• Multiusable from R&D to mass production.
• Universal power supply designfor overseas use.

Syringes and Accessories

1. High-precision syringes, specially designed for
  Constant internal syringe diameter provides excellent fluid
  characteristic and high pressure resistant construction.
• PSY-E series for high-precision dispensing
• PSY-EU-OR series for use with UV cured resin.
• PSY-E-SEP series prevents static electricity and dust.
• SSY-C series for high temperature and high pressure.

2. Adapter tube
    Tubes to supply pressure by connecting it to a dispenser
    and a syringe.
• AT-E series (standard)
• AT-E-S series is a side outlet type.
• AT-E-SEP series prevents static electricity build up and
  dust infiltration.

3. High-precision plunger (patent pending)
    High-precision dispensing with excellence in wiping
    performance has been achieved.
    We are offering 4-type lineup in accordance with liquid
    types, dispensing characteristics, and applications.
    (FLP-E, MLP-R-E, MLP-B-E, MLP-E)

4. Head cap/ 5. Needle cap
    Caps to seal the top and bottom of syringes.
• Two types are available: For general material, and for UV
  cured material.

5. Protective cap
    Protects syringe tips while wearing needle caps.

6. O-ring
    An O-ring gasket for use as a replacement on the adapter

Needles & Nozzles

1. SNA series metal nozzles
    An excellence durability SUS needle is used.
• SNA series Needle length: 13mm (B type)
  Needle length: 15mm (C type)
• SN series Needle length: 15mm

2. PN series plastic needles
    Economical, disposable plastic needles.
• Needle length: 8mm (A type)
  Needle length: 13mm (B type)

3. TN series Teflon needles
    Good corrosion resistance and effective with anaerobic
• Needle length: 8mm

4. TN-L series Teflon needles with SUS guides
    Used for precision dispensing of anaerobic materials. A SUS
    guide prevents vibration in the needle tip.

5. Precision solid nozzles, SHN series
• Stable microscopic dispensing with integrated precision

6. High-precision nozzles, FN series
• Capability of ultra-small volume dispensing and ultra-fine
  drawing as tiny as some micrometers in diameter.

7. TPN series tapered nozzles
    Suitable for highly flowable and high viscous material.

8. MN series multiple nozzles
    Dispense at multiple positions with one shot.

Sealant Cartridge

1. Sealant cartridge
• Sealant placement with simple and sure method
• Reduced load on sealant and safe operation provided by
  newly designed structure
• Remarkably improved tip sealing level resulting in completely
  eliminated fluid leakage
• Fatigue-free long time operation achieved by optional
  suspending hook (hook for sealant cartridge)

Sealant cartridge assembly (resin specification

Product Model no. Weight Quantity
Sealant cartridge
SCS-330 -
(important symbol
to insert)
500g 1 set
Sealant cartridge
assembly (with hook)
SCS-330 - - HK 500g 1 set

* The tip adapter is selectable from 4 types (TB, TR, S and
  TS) depending on the sealant to be used. Please contact
  our sales department.

• Cartridge for tube
  This is a cartridge assembly that allows users to mount a
  commercially available fluid tube to this cartridge and
  conduct constant volume dispensing immediately after
  mounting the

Fluid feed tank

1. Tank for high viscosity material
• MUSASHIs original tank design includes many safety
  considerations. It can be used for high pressure feeding
  and is also generally useful.
• The wide opening makes it easy to install an agitator or
  similar device.

2. Straight one-touch tank
• The sides of the tank are straight from the tank opening to
  its bottom, and the bottom is flat. This allows a package of
  fluid to be inserted into the tank.
• A quick clamp system is used that makes it simple to open
  and close the lid.
• Can be used for direct dispensing of fluid.

3. One-touch tank
• A latch system that makes it easy to open/close the lid.
• Can be used for a wide range of fluids from low-to high-
  viscosity materials.
• Fluid is poured directly into this type of tank.

4. Gallon tank
• Simple tank that is designed specifically for pouring fluid in.
• Suitable for feeding low-and medium-viscosity materials at
  low pressure.